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The importance of your domain name

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What is a domain name:

Your domain name is what comes after the www.
Example:,,,,, and many more. We believe that it makes little or no difference what ending your domain has when it comes to being found by the search engines. It's partly a matter of availability and partly a matter of your image, but also a matter of information. While .org is meant for organisations and .name for personal websites, having a country domain specifies what country you are operating in. Every country has its own endings, like .ie, .us, .fr, .de, .uk etc. Country specific domains can be more expensive than the general ones.

What is a good domain name:

The opinions are divided when it comes to the importance of the domain name. We strongly believe that the domain name is an important part in search engine optimisation. If you have an accommodation website and the name for your establishment is 'St. Joseph's', don't use as a domain name. Try to incorporate the purpose of your business and the place name in your domain name; i.e. or
Nobody looking for accommodation in your area is going to use 'St. Joseph's' as a search term, unless they are looking for you by name. In that case you will be found anyway, because the name is in the title and on top of the page.

Owning your domain name:

For practical reasons, it makes good sense for your webmaster to register your domain name in their name. But be sure that it is stated in your contract that the domain is your property. Be sure that you have it in writing. Some companies and individual webmasters have been known to ask big money for the domain address when their clients wanted to leave them to change to another company. Unless the domain is registered in your name or you have a written agreement with your webmaster that you own the domain name, they are the rightful owner of your domain name and can charge you anything they like if you are forced to buy it.

This is important, because it is very time consuming and expensive to establish a new domain. First of all, it is getting extremely hard to find a good domain name that is still available. Than all the websites, search engines and directories that are linking to your site would have to be contacted to have their links changed to point to your new domain. That is an endless and cumbersome task.
Think of your domain as a tree in your garden. It took years to grow. Now you are moving house and you are changing address. You can't just transplant that tree. You will have to grow a new one.

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